Delta sets profit-sharing record, employees get hefty checks


Delta Airlines employees are taking home their potion of the largest profit sharing payout in U.S. history.

The airline says workers earned more than $1.5 billion profit sharing in 2015. Those individual payouts will end up being more than 21 percent of the employees' eligible earnings. Last year employees got 16 percent.

Delta has more than 80,000 employees across the globe, and is the dominant carrier at Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport with 7,500 employees, the Star Tribune reports. The paper calculates the average payout for MSP workers to be about $16,000.

In honor of breaking one record, Delta decided to bust another and build the world's largest thank-you card.

It stands 50 feet tall and contains the names of all 80,000 Delta employees.

Delta is also celebrating 161 days without mainline cancellations and had an on-time rate of 85.9 percent in 2015.

The company says they'll operate on a "conservative 2016 budget" and commit to paying down debt, investing in employees and rewarding customers and shareholders.

Investment-grade rating

On Thursday, Moody's Investors Service upgraded Delta's debt rating to Baa3 which is an investment-grade level, Delta says.

That makes it the first global U.S. airline to have its ratings restored to an investment-grade level by a major firm.

According to Delta, it has reduced its debt by more than $10 billion since 2009. Moody's says it expects that trend to continue.

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