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Delta's iPhone app gets your boarding pass automatically now

The iPhone app checks you in 24 hours before your flight.

There's a line you can skip at the airport, if you've got the right app on your phone. 

Delta says the latest version of its iPhone app lets travelers bypass the boarding pass process, because check-in happens automatically. 

It's not available on Android phones yet, but if you've got the latest Fly Delta app (4.6) on an iPhone then check-in will happen automatically 24 hours before your flight's departure time, Delta says

You'll get an email or a notification that lets you know you still need to open the app and promise that you're not bringing any forbidden items on the plane. Then it shows you your boarding pass. 

“Our customers have told us Delta can eliminate some of their stress associated with upcoming travel if they know their boarding pass is ready and can see their seat assignment,” Rhonda Crawford, a vice president with the airline said in Delta's statement. 

From the "Today" mode in the app you can also add a checked bag or upgrade your seat. 

One industry analyst tells CNBC he thinks other airlines will follow Delta with automatic check-in. 

Boarding passes may become obsolete before long, though, as carriers move toward facial recognition and other biometric scans, the network says. 

Delta moves about 180 million passengers a year and is the dominant airline at Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport, which expects to be pretty packed this week with travelers taking a long MEA weekend.

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