Delta's sending 40 more workers to MSP to help shorten security lines


Delta Airlines is sending extra employees to the Twin Cities airport – hoping they can help shorten the notoriously long security lines during the busy summer travel season.

In announcing plans to send 40 additional workers to Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport a Delta executive said the second week of June through the middle of August is the airline's busiest time and keeping customers satisfied means keeping them moving through security checkpoints, KARE 11 reports.

Bill Lentsch, Delta's senior vice president of airport customer service and airline operations, also tells WCCO it was the Transportation Security Administration that reached out to the airline: “I give them (TSA) a lot of credit,” Lentsch said. “They came to us and said, ‘what could we do to collectively make this a better operation, a better experience this summer?'”

The TSA remains in charge of the security checkpoints but MPR News reports the added Delta workers will help with tasks like moving bins, directing travelers to the right lines, and keeping an eye out for carry-on bags that are over the size limit.

Other airports, too

MSP is not the only airport getting temporary staff. As the Star Tribune notes, Delta is sending more workers to its 32 biggest hubs in a move that will cost the airline $3 million to $4 million dollars.

But a suggestion by members of Congress that airlines help shorten lines by reducing or waiving the fee for checking a bag is not in the cards, at least not for Delta. Lentsch said a fee reduction is "not happening," FOX 9 reports.

Officials at MSP continue to advise travelers to get to the security line two hours before their flight's departure time.

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