'Dem boyz': Reward for finding vandals who graffitied this play area

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"Mindless" is an adjective often used by the media to describe an act of vandalism – and it's certainly an apt description in this case.

Because, what possible, logical reason could you have for spray painting graffiti onto children's play equipment?

This was the scene at Homeward Hills Park at 12000 Silverwood Drive, Eden Prairie on Monday morning, after vandals struck over the weekend.

Play equipment, a building and concrete paving were damaged by the culprits, and Eden Prairie police say they are offering a reward for anyone who leads them to an arrest.

Pictures from police show "Os" in a playground tic-tac-toe were filled with red paint, a children's slide was defaced with green paint reading "Dem Boyz," more scrawl was found on a trash can and other play equipment, and a blue squiggle was sprayed onto the paving.


Community members responding to Eden Prairie PD's Facebook post were unsurprisingly disgusted by the vandals' actions, including one commenter who mentioned having found human defecation on the children's slide the day after Halloween last year.

"Perhaps it is time to consider putting in permanent cameras at all the play grounds," another said. "It is a shame we would even need to consider this. But they can also be a very good deterrent."

Anyone with information should contact Eden Prairie PD at 952-949-6200, using the case reference #16-031504.

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