Update: GOP says DFL petition to get Trump's name off the MN ballot is 'outrageous'


Democrats are trying to keep Donald Trump off the ballot in Minnesota.

The Minnesota DFL party filed a petition to the Minnesota Supreme Court Thursday, requesting the candidate and his running mate Mike Pence be removed from the ballot this November, according to a news release.

DFL Chair Ken Martin says there were "clear errors" in Republican's process of choosing alternative electors for getting Tump on the ballot in Minnesota.

Minnesota law requires that political parties at their state conventions select candidates for president and vice president; 10 presidential electors; and 10 alternate presidential electors. Those names then must be submitted to the Minnesota Secretary of State by the deadline (this year it was Aug. 29).

But the DFL's petition says Republicans failed to select alternate presidential electors at their convention in May, and instead selected alternate electors in a closed-door meeting – a move that violates state law.

As a result, Democrats argue Secretary of State Steve Simon – who is the defendant on the petition – erred when he accepted the Republican Party's "certificate of nomination" around Aug. 25.

As of Friday morning, Trump and Pence were listed on the sample ballot on the Secretary of State's website.

GOP responds

Keith Downey, the chairman of the Minnesota Republican Party, released a statement Friday, calling the petition frivolous, saying "Donald Trump got on our ballot fair and square, and it is outrageous that the Democrat Party would actually try to rig the election this way."

"With Mr. Trump gaining strength every day and Hillary Clinton tanking in the polls, it appears Minnesota Democrats are very worried," Downey added. 


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