Democrats, now what? 'We've got a lot of soul-searching to do'

Some plan to influence change at the local level, others just want to leave the U.S.

Much to the surprise of many Hillary Clinton supporters, Donald Trump took the lead Tuesday night and will be the next President of the United States.

"It's going to be a bummer, but we can't let that dampen our outlook," said Keagan Ringling.

Many Clinton supporters who attended the DFL Election Night Party in Minneapolis had similar thoughts: It's not the outcome they wanted, but progress can still be made.

Over the next four years under President Trump, Mariah Gatzow said America – as a country – has "a lot of soul-searching to do." She added that Democrats will need to "stay calm and really work to hold him accountable."

A setback?

As far as specific concerns Clinton supporters have, some worry Trump is going to be a setback for America.

"I'm concerned for the Supreme Court. I'm concerned for the role of law enforcement," Maggie Lofboom told GoMN, noting her concerns for the BlackLivesMatter movement.

Michelle Andrews, who previously stood behind Bernie Sanders, expects the U.S. "to go back 40 or 50 years in policy decisions."

"It happens with politics sometimes. We've just got to band together and keep working on issues that are important," Andrews said.

Others plan to leave

Others, like Kristen Roscowiak, said they can't bear to stick around and watch Trump in the White House. She told GoMN she's already applied for visas to Canada and New Zealand.

"I'd like to stand by my country, but I can't stand behind what he believes in," Roscowiak said, explaining the move would likely be temporary.

But it'll be okay

Some Democrats don't expect Trump to fulfill some of policies that worry them most.

"A bunch of stuff that he promised isn't going to happen anyway," Regina Eckes said, noting the wall Trump said Mexico will pay for. "It's not going to work out."

Others say a Trump presidency could even turn out to be a best-case-scenario situation for America's Democratic Party.

"This could potentially be a good thing in that it will inspire more people to become ... more politically aware," Lena Knezevic said.

Knezevic went on to say she hopes people will realize the significance of local government and get more involved there.

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