Dems unleash research on Pawlenty

A Democratic super PAC has unleashed reams of information on top prospects to be Mitt Romney's running mate, including a 493-page file on former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty. Romney has said he'll pick someone before the late August GOP convention.
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A Democratic super PAC collected reams of information on top prospects to be Mitt Romney's running mate, and Tim Pawlenty is among the targets of the opposition research, USA Today reports.

The 493-page file on Pawlenty features info on his economic record during eight years as Minnesota's governor and 102 video clips from his short-lived presidential campaign last year, USA Today says.

American Bridge 21st Century created the website Veepmistakes as a clearinghouse for the data.

There's no doubt Pawlenty is still in the running as a potential VP for Mitt Romney's ticket, MinnPost reports.

Pawlenty's "suitable but not a standout" status actually makes him a more attractive candidate for the job to Romney, the Christian Science Monitor says.

The risk-averse Romney has said he'll choose someone by the GOP convention in late August, and he is likely to pick the safest candidate, USA Today reports.

Pawlenty is on the radar despite having spent quite a bit of time bashing Romney on health care, Buzzfeed Politics wrote this week.

Among the videos posted on the veepmistakes site is one of Pawlenty in Iowa was he was running for president:

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