Deputies shot 'aggressive' dog as it charged at them

The animal had  already chased someone into a business, the sheriff's office says.
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A sheriff's deputy shot an "aggressive dog" that chased someone into a business in Lake Lillian, Minnesota

The pitbull was reportedly running loose near the U.S. Post Office on Lakeview Street (the main street in the town) just before noon Tuesday, the Kandiyohi County Sheriff's Office said in a news release

And when deputies arrived, they got out of their squad car and the dog charged at them. 

One of the deputies shot the dog once and it retreated, the release says. 

The dog's owner brought the dog to the vet, but the dog's condition isn't known. 

According to Lake Lillian city ordinance, it's unlawful for a dog to run loose, and the owner could face a misdemeanor if it happens. 

Lake Lillian is located 17 miles from Willmar, in the southeastern corner of Kandiyohi County. In 2010, it had a population of 238 people, according to the county's website

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