Deputy becomes first MN police officer to revive someone with anti-overdose drug


A woman, in danger because of a suspected drug overdose was brought back to consciousness with the drug Narcan – the first time it's been used successfully in Hennepin County.

Last August it became the first sheriff's office in Minnesota to allow its deputies carry the life-saving antidote, also known as naloxone, which reverse the effects of opiate overdoses from drugs like prescription pills or heroin overdoses.

Last month, Deputy Sheri Bukkila (pictured above) used the drug to successfully revive someone who had fallen unconscious following a suspected overdose, according to a release from the sheriff's office.

She's believed to be the first police officer in the state to administer the drug.

After the Narcan was used, the victim's breathing is said to have improved markedly, at which point paramedics arrived and gave them another dose.

"This incident is an example of how our deputies and law enforcement personnel are often the first people to arrive to an emergency scene," Sheriff Rich Stanek said. "Narcan is a tool that helps save lives."

MPR notes that the law allowing first responders to carry and administer Narcan was pushed through in Minnesota last year, having previously only been available to medical personnel.

The first fire department to carry the drug was Coon Rapids, and in November last year firefighters used the drug to save the life of a 24-year-old man who was unresponsive when they arrived on the scene.

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