Deputy: Despite murder conviction, man would have passed gun background check


KARE 11 reports that a man convicted for fatally shooting his mother in 1995 is now out of prison and acquired 13 guns – and he could have passed a background check to get them, a Carver County deputy says.

Christian Oberender was just 14 when he was convicted of murdering his mother, Mary Oberender. Now he is 32 and faces felony charges for possessing the 13 guns illegally, a violation of his release, KARE reported in a separate story.

Carver County Deputy Jason Kamerud said he ran a criminal history check on Oberender on the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension database and the system did not flag Oberender as someone who was not allowed to possess a gun, KARE reports.

That revelation came on a day when President Barack Obama unveiled a package of proposals aimed at curbing gun violence – including specific calls for tightening background checks for gun buyers.

Authorities had arrested Oberender after neighbors complained earlier this week that he was shooting guns in the back yard of his rural Watertown home roughly 30 miles west of the Twin Cities, KARE reports. Investigators also found a note written by Oberender that says he still thinks about killing, KARE says.

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