Despite record heat in Duluth, this photo was taken

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File this under "Things Minnesotans Do."

Despite some record heat in Duluth over the Memorial Day weekend, ice is still floating on Lake Superior – which gave Melissa Ellis (above, right) and her friend Brigitta Keyler an idea for a photo.

The two 29-year-old longtime pals from Duluth waded out into waist-high water Monday and climbed onto a floating ice berg, scraping their feet along the way, for several whimsical photos posed on the frosty perch. The pair recruited a group of four women who were walking by to snap the photos.

"They laughed because we went in without any huge reactions to the cold," Ellis told BringMeTheNews.

Duluth had a note-worthy heat wave over the weekend, tying two record high temperatures.

From chief meteorologist Jason Sydejko at Fox 21 in Duluth Saturday:

And the National Weather Service Monday:

Great Lakes ice cover from this past winter is unrivaled in records dating to the early 1970s, notes the Washington Post, which has more ice images.

Lake Superior is still 4.5 percent covered by ice, according to NOAA.

USA Today collected more images of people frolicking in the frigid waters of the Great Lakes over the weekend.

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