Despite soaking spring, strawberries bounce back to bumper crop


The wet and windy spring delayed several Minnesota planting seasons, but now it looks like strawberry fields forever around the state.

(Tried to resist that. Couldn't.)

That's what KARE 11 reports, anyway, saying that "strawberry farmers are enjoying a great season."

If that season would ever come was in serious question; at the end of June, strawberry crops were running about one to two weeks behind schedule, and that soon crept up to three weeks.

One man tells KARE that after 37 years in the strawberry business, he wasn't sure he'd have a crop at all.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture says Minnesota is home to hundreds of berry farmers producing several million pounds of fresh berries every year, but go get 'em quick, the station warns: Prime picking only lasts about two weeks.

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