Driver who brandished gun on interstate was ATF agent

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Investigators say that during the Tuesday morning commute, a driver flashed a gun at another motorist on eastbound Interstate 694 in Brooklyn Park, the Star Tribune reports.

After the incident, police had to execute a "high-risk" traffic stop in Minneapolis on Interstate 94 in an effort to detain the driver, the newspaper says. Police later learned that the driver was an agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, a State Patrol report said.

The driver was taken into custody, questioned and later released, but the incident remains under investigation, KSTP reports.

The incident followed the release of a new report that suggests Minneapolis drivers are among the most courteous in the nation.

AutoVantage's road rage survey, which was released Monday, says drivers in Minneapolis are the sixth most courteous among drivers in America's largest cities.

The new ranking is a drastic change from Minneapolis' previous fifth least courteous ranking, which was based on data from 2009. AutoVantage notes in this updated survey that Minneapolis has jumped 15 spots to be among the most courteous.

The survey measures common actions that drivers saw from other drivers, or admitted to doing themselves. When compared to drivers in other cities, the survey found that people in Minneapolis are:

– The second least likely to have reported seeing other drivers speeding.
– The third least likely to have observed other drivers tailgating (tied with Pittsburgh).
– The second least likely to acknowledge eating or drinking while driving.

However, Minneapolis did tie San Diego for the second-highest number of drivers who admit to bumping other vehicles on purpose if they believe they did something wrong, NBC San Diego reports.

Bursts of rage can be triggered anywhere, clinical psychologist Dr. George Pratt told the news station, saying "When people's emotions get out of control and they tend to objectify the other human being, and they don't see them as human beings. They see them as, you know, a car."

A London study found that drivers who dislike or are scared of driving are the most prone to road rage, according to Express.

The survey found that Portland has the most courteous drivers, followed by Pittsburgh, St. Louis, San Francisco and Charlotte.

Houston has the least friendly drivers, the survey says. Atlanta, Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Boston round out the five least courteous driving cities.

Recently, a survey ranked Minnesota as having the nation's fourth-best drivers. In April, officers issued hundreds of citations for distracted driving during a 10-day sting.

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