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Details from search warrant at Paisley Park won't be released right away


A judge has sealed details and results of the search warrant conducted at Paisley Park in connection to Prince's death.

The order came at the request of the Carver County Sheriff's Office.

In the request, officials said Prince was a public figure which would lead to increased media scrutiny. Because of that, releasing details from the documents could impact other searches, put people at risk, or hurt the ongoing investigation into his death, officials said.

The sealed order includes the application for the search warrant, which typically includes information on what investigators are looking for, as well as the results of the search at Paisley Park.

The request was granted Thursday.

It asks that the documents remain sealed for 180 days (that's until mid-October) or until the "commencement of any criminal proceedings," whichever comes first.

The search warrant was requested as part of routine legal process, according to MPR News.

Prince died April 21 in his home at Paisley Park in Chanhassen after being found unresponsive in an elevator. The results of his autopsy are not expected for a couple weeks.

Officials have said that he was alone at the time of death, adding suicide is not suspected. However, the Star Tribune, citing sources, has reported officials are looking into the role prescription drugs could have played in the artist's death.

Recent reports have said he had prescription painkillers at his Chanhassen home.

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