DFL endorses candidates to run against Paulsen, Lewis in Minnesota

But there was no clear winner in the 8th District.
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The Minnesota DFL's plans to flip two Republican districts in the upcoming mid-terms took shape on Saturday.

Despite the weather, Democrats in the state' 2nd and 3rd congressional districts turned out for the DFL conventions on Saturday, where they endorsed their candidates for November elections.

In the 2nd District, Angie Craig became the DFL endorsed candidate for the second straight election, hoping to beat GOP incumbent Rep. Jason Lewis, to whom she narrowly lost in the 2016 elections.

The former St. Jude Medical executive won the vote over Rosemount teacher and football coach Jeff Erdmann.

In the 3rd District, Rep. Erik Paulsen can expect to face Dean Phillips, the former chairman of Talenti Gelato who's seeking to become the first Democrat to represent the western Twin Cities suburbs since the '60s.

Both the 2nd and 3rd districts are considered to be "toss-ups," according to the Cook Political Report.

But, there's problems in the 8th District

In Minnesota's 8th district, expected to be once again one of the most fiercely competed in the country, not clear winner emerged from the DFL conventions.

The Star Tribune reports that former FBI agent Leah Phifer received the most support from those in attendance at 48 percent, while former state Rep. Joe Radinovich got 42 percent, but this wasn't enough to reach to 60 percent threshold needed to get the endorsement.

That means it will head to a primary in August to determine who will get the final endorsement, as they seek to retain the seat held by the outgoing Rick Nolan.

This could prove potentially damaging with DFL candidates running the risk of alienating potential swing voters as they seek to gain the approval of Democrat voters.

The 8th district is delicately poised, with MinnPost noting that a Democratic primary has the potential to expose DFL rifts on mining, environmentalism and immigration.

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