Dictionary.com added over 300 new words, like 'alt-right' and 'hangry'

From "cold brew" to "Dad bod," these are Dictionary.com's new words.

Dictionary.com is the latest reference website to add a bunch of new words that people are using these days.

The site announced over 300 new words "reflecting everything from news stories to fashion trends." They also updated the definitions for several existing words whose meanings have changed a bit with the times.

A lot of the new terms are connected to politics and identity, such as:

alt-right: A politicalmovementoriginatingonsocialmediaandonlineforums, composedofasegmentofconservativeswhosupportextremeright-wingideologies,includingwhitenationalismandanti-Semitism.


Black Lives Matter: A politicalandsocialmovementoriginatingamongAfricanAmericans, emphasizingbasichumanrightsandracialequalityforblackpeople andcampaigningagainstvariousformsofracism.

"Our users turn to us to define the words they see, hear, and read — and in today’s highly politicized world, we play a necessary role in helping users dissect the meaning of words heard in this period of political discourse,” Liz McMillan, CEO of Dictionary.com, said in a statement.

The dictionary tweeted out GIFs of some of the new words and phrases, like Dad bod:

There's plenty more playful slang like "slay," "hangry," "bitchface," and "cheat day," as well as a bunch of food words like "cold brew" and "superfood."

There's even a few weed terms thrown in, including "420" and "Kush." The dictionary says this reflects "broader acceptance of marijuana use and culture, as it’s becoming medically and recreationally legal across the country."

You can see more words Dictionary.com added here.

Last November, Dictionary.com named “Xenophobia” its word of the year for 2016. And earlier this year, Merriam-Webster also updated their online dictionary, adding over 1,000 terms like “face palm,” “photobomb,” and “binge-watch.”

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