Suddenly famous 'Dilly Bar Dan' says it's never too cold for ice cream

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Dan Lehman was just doing what he does every Gopher football game. But when he did it this past weekend it was 15 degrees and snowing, and people really enjoyed seeing a man eating ice cream on the frigid sidelines.

Now people are calling him "Dilly Bar Dan" after a photo of Lehman – a sideline phone technician – eating the Dairy Queen Dilly Bar during Saturday's Ohio State-Minnesota game was quickly passed around Twitter and prompted multiple media requests.

"All for a Dilly Bar!" Lehman told "This is absolutely nuts. Nothing like this ever happens."

The Belle Plaine man has worked for Pioneer Communications for the last 19 years, and every game his boss goes to the press box at halftime to check on equipment. He then brings back ice cream treats for his employees, FOX 9 reports.

Lehman told ESPN he's eaten an ice cream bar at every game he's ever worked at the stadium, adding "It's never too cold for a Dilly Bar."

He and his daughter have gotten quite a kick out of all the attention – she's taken selfies with him while eating Dilly Bars and posted them on Twitter, as well as retweeted what everyone else has said about her father, FOX 9 says.

SB Nation called him a "Champ," FOX Sports called him "Awesome," and many, many folks took to Twitter to talk about "Dilly Bar Dan."

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