Dinkytown development deal gets council okay


The Minneapolis City Council on Friday overturned an earlier committee recommendation and granted approval for a development project in the heart of Dinkytown, the iconic four-block neighborhood adjacent to the University of Minnesota.

The proposed project includes a six-floor retail and apartment building. To make room, several longtime Dinkytown businesses will close.

The Star Tribune reports that the rezoning request won approval on a 9-4 vote over the objections from activists and neighborhood groups, who carried signs that read “Dinkytown not Megatown.”

City staff had recommended the project, writing that it is in line with the city’s comprehensive plan. City Pages reports that the green light for the controversial development from Opus could signal the beginning of more high density projects in the city.

Even the online magazine Slate weighed in on the controversy in a pro-development article that said "...a thriving urban core is a great amenity for any metro area, and a centrally located neighborhood like Dinkytown should be at the thriving core of your thriving core."

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