'Dirt fishing' turns up class ring missing for 24 years

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Every chance Todd Reichert gets he goes "dirt fishing."

He takes his metal detector outside and searches for treasures. Typically he turns up old coins, but on rare occasions, he finds something notable.

Last week, buried six inches below the St. Croix Falls High School football field in Wisconsin, Reichert found a class ring, KARE 11 reports. The ring belonged to Brent Paulson, who lost it 24 years ago – two weeks after he'd gotten it.

The class ring wasn't the last Paulson would lose.

"Two months or something after we got married and he lost the wedding ring," Paulson's wife, Maria, told KARE 11.

Reichert jokes that he'll help Paulson find that missing ring, too.

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This isn't the first time a long-lost ring has turned up. A Mankato West High School graduate, who had lost her class ring while tanning in her backyard in 1980, got the ring back 33 years later. A man had found the ring in the mud, and his daughter turned the search for the owner into a class project.

On Valentine's Day in 2013, after days of searching, a man found his missing wedding ring on a snow-covered lake in Anoka County. The ring had slipped off his finger during a Polar Plunge event.

A Blaine graduate, whose class ring had been missing for 32 years, got a Facebook message in 2012 saying that a man found the ring hanging from the shift lever in a broken-down car in a junk yard.

Last spring, an Inver Grove Heights garbage collector used a hockey stick and his hands to dig through trash to find a woman's suitcase full of jewelry that she'd accidentally thrown away.

A Fridley woman, who was playing in a corn pit with her family, lost her wedding ring. But fate – and a metal detector – was on her side and the ring amazingly turned up.

In 2012, a woman's son found her engagement ring in some dirt outside her Lanesboro home. The ring had been missing since 1971.

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