Disney hikes ticket prices at its Florida, California theme parks

It'll cost you more to visit Disneyland and Disney World.

What's happening? 

The happiest place on Earth just got more expensive, with Disney announcing price hikes at its Disney World and Disneyland theme parks in Florida and California.

The Florida theme parks in particular are popular among Minnesotans, but they'll be paying more to enter the Magic Kingdom from now on.

How much are they going up?

As Fortune reports, regular day-tickets for those aged 10+ to the Magic Kingdom will rise from $115 to $119, with peak tickets rising from $124 to $129 and value tickets $107 to $109.

For the other three Florida parks — Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom — prices are also increasing from $107 to $114, with value tickets rising from $102 to $105, and peak tickets going from $119 to $122.

Tickets for children aged 3-9 will also increase.


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In Anaheim, tickets to Disneyland will rise from $110 to $117, with the value ticket costing the same at $97.

Because of its pricing structure, the cost of day passes grow cheaper per-day the more days you spend at the parks.

Why is it doing this?

It may sound weird, but Disney is doing this because it wants fewer visitors, at least at peak times.

It told the Orlando Sentinel that it's making the changes to "help better spread attendance throughout the year."

Waiting times have become an increasing problem at its parks, with Disney hoping the changes to admission prices will help encourage visitors to hit the parks at different times of the year.

The Magic Kingdom at Disney World, Orlando is Disney's most popular theme park, welcoming 20.4 million visitors in 2016.

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