The DIVI Up charity app is shutting down after 3 years in business

The app gave users deals to save money at select restaurants, stores and businesses – with a cut then going to charity.

DIVI Up, the Minnesota-based startup app that gave users Groupon-style deals alongside charitable donations, is shutting down.

The announcement was made by CEO Mike Miller on LinkedIn Tuesday, confirming that the company's third anniversary would also be its last, before thanking users for their "support and partnership."

The app worked by giving users deals to save money at selected restaurants, stores and businesses that partnered with DIVI.

People would pay a small fee – 25 percent of the amount they were set to save – to unlock the deal, with half of that fee going to DIVI and the other half going to a charitable cause of the company or user's choosing.

As TechDotMN noted, it was a popular app for charities and businesses to get on board with, given it was a free revenue stream for the charities and a cheap way of marketing for businesses.

But it proved a harder ask to make it a successful business for DIVI, with Miller saying he learned the company's funding would be discontinued.

In his post, he said that running a business is "difficult and challenging even in the best of times."

In a message to followers on its Facebook page, the company said it hopes "that the spirit of what DIVI has stood for will live on and grow in the heart of our community and the lives of our friends and families."

"No matter where where life may take us, each member of our team promises to do their part to make the world a better place and we hope that our paths will cross again," it adds.

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