DIY: New MN startup lets parents design clothes for their kids


A Minnesota start-up is giving parents more choice over what their kids wear by allowing them to design their own clothes.

Launched last month, The Patchery allows parents to pick their own colors and fabrics, personalize the design, and then have the clothes made and delivered.

The Business Journal reports the Minneapolis-based company was created by Amber Gunn Thomas, who resumed her hobby of sewing clothes for her two children after leaving her marketing career.

"The part I really enjoyed was the mixing and matching of fabrics," she told the website. "I thought, 'why can't that be available to everybody, even if you don't have the technical skill?'"

The Patchery's website gives customers the option of selecting five garments – two T-shirts and three dresses – and have a selection of fabrics and patterns with which they can be customized.

The company promises every piece of clothing will be "hand-cut and hand-sewn in Minnesota," with prices ranging from $26 to $52.

Gunn Thomas says on the website the impetus to launch her business came after positive feedback from her friends on Facebook after she sewed clothes for her children, June and Leo.

She told the Business Journal that they had a "great first month" after launching in January.

You can see some of the designs put forward by customers on The Patchery's Facebook page, and try it yourself here.

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