DNR: at least 5 dead after falling through ice this season


The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says this winter is on track to be one of the deadliest in more than five years.

WCCO reports at least five people have died this winter, and a sixth is still missing, after going through the ice.

The number of fatalities is catching up with the 2006-2007 season, where eight people died in ice-related incidents.

The DNR says all the deaths this season have involved either a vehicle or snowmobile crashing into open water or breaking through the ice.

Just Thursday morning, two men were killed after the snowmobile they were riding on went through the ice on Lake Superior near Madeline Island.

On Lake Minnetonka, there have been more than a dozen incidents where either a vehicle or snowmobile have broken through the ice this winter.

Most recently, two people from Maple Grove were killed after they were submerged for nearly an hour. In January, an infant didn't make it after an SUV carrying a family of four hit open water in a channel on Lake Minnetonka.

The DNR wants to remind people that ice is never 100 percent safe.

Northland NewsCenter has a breakdown of fatalities over the last few winters (November through April):

2012-2013: 6 (including one person missing)
2011-2012: 4
2010-2011: 4
2009-2010: 1
2008-2009: 2
2007-2008: 3
2006-2007: 8

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