Doctors expect crash victim to recover after 18 hours in freezing car


Her husband says while Nancy Breberg spent 18 hours trapped in her overturned vehicle on a freezing January night, she prayed that help would find her. The 20-year-old man who discovered her says it was fate that caused him to change his routine and find Breberg.

Doctors say Breberg would likely not have survived much longer had Geoffrey Racette not happened by and noticed a wheel sticking up from the brush at the edge of a pond. In addition to frostbite and hypothermia, Bregerg, a diabetic, was suffering from dangerously low blood sugar. Her condition at Hennepin County Medical Center was still serious but was improving Monday.

Racette was biking home from his job at a Rainbow Foods supermarket. He tells KARE-11 he doesn't normally work the Saturday morning shift ... and only rode his bike on that side of the road because snow and ice forced him off his regular path.

Breberg's husband, Ron, says he looks forward to meeting Racette, whom he calls a hero.

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