Does Black Friday really mean spending less green? Maybe not

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Black Friday shoppers who used to get up early are now staying up late. All in the name of bargains. Is it worth it?

It might depend on what you plan on buying. A University of St. Thomas marketing expert tells WCCO items such as jewelry, toys, and winter clothes might be cheaper a month from now.

Much has been made of big-name stores opening on Thanksgiving night, rather than waiting until morning. But KARE-11 reports some retailers are open in the afternoon. Not enough to compete with Black Friday, but enough to make it a "Gray Thursday."

Of course, this is not the first Friday rodeo for we Minnesotans. Long before the day was nicknamed for the black ink it brings to bottom lines, Target was trumpeting its Day-After-Thanksgiving sale of 1962. That's before Bullseye's day, even in dog years.

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