Does Twin Cities photo mixup reveal St. Paul's plan to 'take over' Minneapolis?


Have a look at this tweet – see anything out of place?

Of course, the correct answer would be the famous Stone Arch Bridge, a Minneapolis landmark that's quite a few miles away from St. Paul. Considering that Minnesota's capital city is the subject of the welcome letter above – written by St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman – its appearance is more than a little befuddling.

According to the Star Tribune, it's an error in the event program for the U.S. Figure Skating Championships at St. Paul's Xcel Energy Center, which ends Sunday after running for more than a week.

U.S. Figure Skating officials tell the paper it was an "honest and unfortunate" mistake, about which Mayor Coleman – who is "accustomed to the perception of St. Paul being the lesser of the Twin Cities" – had a good sense of humor. The tweet below shows his lighthearted reaction:

As St. Paul plans its conquest of its neighboring Twin City, the story is getting picked up by news media outlets far and wide, thanks to an Associated Press piece about the mixup.

Not to draw attention away from the championships, though. The event had a "thrilling" Saturday night with some dramatic upsets from skaters across the country, and a competitor named Gracie Gold winning the gold after a dramatic rebound, according to Bleacher Report, which has more in-depth coverage of the championships.

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