Organization raising money for dog with unique deformity


Cupid, an overly-affectionate puppy, has stolen the hearts of Ruff Start Rescue, a non-profit animal rescue organization in central Minnesota.

The 3-month-old hound was left in a snowbank in a ditch. Someone found him and brought him to an animal shelter. Ruff Start Rescue rescued him on Valentine's Day. That's only one reason why the pup was named Cupid – when he lies down, his front paws make the shape of a heart, according to WCCO.

Cupid has a unique deformity causing his front paws to stay bent, making it impossible for him to walk normally.

“He walks with the front paws completely bent in,” Azur Davis, the owner of Ruff Start Rescue told WCCO. “We know that there’s a hard case that’s going to need a lot of vet care.”

Ruff Start Rescue is raising money to pay for testing, surgery and therapy for Cupid. As of Sunday, the organization has raised $5,145 of its $6,000 goal. To donate, click here.

“It could be some type of birth defect where he was born this way, but he also has a crooked jaw,” Davis told WCCO. “It could also be trauma related.”

Despite his deformity, Cupid is very affectionate and has a lot of energy, according to the organization.

Cupid is currently living at a foster home. Ruff Start Rescue hopes Cupid will have surgery before going to a permanent home. The organization is accepting applications to adopt the dog.

Ruff Start Rescue has helped over 1,700 animals, according to WCCO.

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