Dog attacks, kills another dog in Minneapolis park; owner flees

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Minneapolis police are looking for the owner of a dog that attacked and killed a small spaniel-type dog at Martin Luther King Jr. Park Sunday evening.

FOX 9 reports the larger dog, described as a pit bull-boxer mix, "came out of nowhere" and mauled the 7-pound Papillon named Ziggy while the owners looked on, according to Julene Lind, the Minneapolis woman who owns Ziggy.

"I was screaming at the owner to please do something -- do something," she said in the FOX 9 interview.

She said she and her husband both wrestled with the dog in an attempt to get it to release Ziggy. Lind said the dog bit her husband on the arm.

Lind told FOX 9 the dog's owner was carrying a baby on her chest and had two small boys and a girl with her at the time. One of the children was walking the large dog when it charged, Lind said, and the child lost control of the animal.

"She just stood there ... and watched their dog kill our dog," Lind said.

"When Ziggy finally gave up and the dog didn't have any fight left in it, he just released it and walked back to his family," she said.

Lind told FOX 9 the woman refused to provide any information to them even though it was obvious Ziggy had been killed. The woman left the park, walking east on the footbridge over Interstate 35W, according to city animal control.

Minneapolis police issued a bulletin asking residents to help identify the dog's owner, according to the Star Tribune. The police describe her as an African-American woman about 5'1" to 5'4." The dog is brown with a light tan chest and neck, and weighs approximately 70 pounds.

Anyone with information is asked to call Minneapolis Animal Control at 612-370-1434.

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