Dog carrying a bag of food after Hurricane Harvey becomes internet hero

Otis showed resilience after Hurricane Harvey.
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A dog who survived Hurricane Harvey is a little ray of sunshine amidst the tragic storm.

Apparently the humans in Texas were not the only ones packing up the essentials and getting the heck out of dodge this weekend. After the storm passed through in Sinton, which is located just outside of Corpus Christi, a resourceful doggo was spotted strutting down the road with a huge bag of kibble in his mouth.

Tiele Dockens snapped a photo of the scrappy pup and posted it on Facebook Saturday morning.

"This dog is walking around Sinton TX carrying a entire bag of dog food with him. LOL #refugee," the caption says. 

The picture has been shared nearly 30,000 times.

“Must be a Texas dog cause he can survive without help,” one person commented.

The post notes that the German shepherd mix, who is named Otis, is not a stray. He just got out somehow during the storm, but has since been returned to his owner.

The Houston Chronicle is calling Otis "an unlikely symbol of Texas strength." But his caretaker told the paper he was already a local celebrity.

"Otis can go to Dairy Queen and he can get a hamburger. He's the only dog allowed to lie down in front of the county court house," they said.

How to help

Not everyone in Texas was as lucky as Otis. Hurricane Harvey ended up being catastrophic

At least six people have died, Slate said Sunday, but the number is expected to rise because rescue workers haven't been able to reach some of the worst-hit areas.

If you're looking to help, here a few reliable organizations you can donate to:

American Red Cross


Austin Pets Alive!


The Salvation Army

And the Houston Food Bank, Galveston County Food Bank, and Corpus Christi Food Bank all accept online donations.

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