Dog falls down well, owner climbs down to rescue it, gets stuck

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A dog owner had to be rescued from a well after climbing down to save his dog, and couldn't get back out.

The Nicollet County Sheriff said it was called by the man to a well on his property at 551st Avenue in Courtland on Saturday afternoon.

The 62-year-old, named as David Machau, had been walking through his property when he went to check on the well, police said.

It was then that one of his dogs fell into the well, with Machau using a rope to climb down to get it out.

He was able to push the dog, who was uninjured, to safety, but was then unable to climb back out using the rope.

Fortunately, he was able to climb up far enough to grab his cell phone, which he'd set down before climbing down the well in the first place.

He used it to call for help, and was later taken to the New Ulm Medical Center for treatment on minor injuries.

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