Dog missing for 2 weeks after ND crash lured to safety with a meatball


A dog who had been missing for nearly two weeks after a severe car accident on Interstate 94 west of Fargo, North Dakota, was coaxed to safety this weekend thanks to a meatball.

Philip Maxwell was driving with his two dogs Dec. 7 when he lost control on the icy road and rolled into a ditch. Jake, a miniature pinscher, stayed near the vehicle after the crash, but Tracy, the German shepherd, ran away, WDAY reports.

For the last two weeks, Tracy wouldn't approach the volunteers out looking for her. They knew she spent her nights in a barn, where they left a blanket, food and water, but during the day she was "elusive," officials told WDAY.

But on Saturday, a man who lives on a farm about two miles from the crash site saw Tracy out his window, so he took a meatball from his sandwich and tossed it toward the dog, who devoured it, WDAZ reports.

He then used more food to entice the dog into his garage, KFYR says.

Officials said Tracy appeared to be healthy. She'll be reunited with Jake at Valley City Veterinary Hospital and the two will be picked up by out-of-state family in a few days, reports note.

Maxwell, a 32-year-old Air Force Veteran, was critically injured in the crash. He is still recovering at a Fargo hospital, reports say.

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