Dog saved by MN rescue team after breaking through lake ice

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A dog that fell through thin ice was pulled to safety by a rescue team in northern Minnesota.

The rottweiler-mix Bailey, the St. Louis County Rescue Squad wrote on Facebook, ran onto the ice of Little Grand Lake (near Saginaw, northwest of Duluth) and broke through. He couldn't get back on to solid ice, and rescuers were worried for his life.

So two of the rescue squad's members (identified as Andy and Devin, shown in the photo above) slowly made their way along "wafer-thin" ice and pulled Bailey to safety in a banana boat, the post says.

With the story came a warning:

"Area ice is NOT safe, folks, and with temps in the 40s forecast for later in the week, it will become even less so."

Most ice is still too thin

Temps around the state were on the mild side in November, the National Weather Service says.

So while many of us are angling to get out on the ice, it may not be ready.

"There really is no sure answer," the DNR says on its ice safety page, noting appearance, age, thickness, temperature, snow cover, the depth of water underneath, currents, and more all can affect the conditions of the surface.

The agency does provide a recommended minimum thickness (see the graphic above) to help though.

Three people died in the 2014-15 winter from ice-related incidents, the DNR says on its statistics page – two when a vehicle went through the ice, and one when an ATV broke through.

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