Dog's fairy-tail run as a Minnesota mayor continues into 3rd term


Every dog has his day, but this one's had three.

Let's give a round of ap-paws (sorry) to Duke the Dog, who will serve a third term as the mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota after his near unanimous re-election.

Some people may wag their head at this, but residents seem very happy with Duke's leadership – and he has plenty of experience of barking orders.

The 9-year-old Great Pyrenees first took the ceremonial role after defeating local store owner Richard Sherbrooke (who also voted for Duke) in 2014, according to Daily Mail.

"Three years ago, it happened by accident, it was a write in vote. You pay a dollar and you can vote," David Rick, Duke's Owner, told WDAY.

Since then, his popularity has only increased.

Voters lauded Duke's representation of the town at a festival and cast every vote for him, except for one that went to his alleged girlfriend, Lassie, Mashable reported.

As he finishes the tail-end of his second term, Duke may have one of the highest favorability ratings in the nation. So what's his secret?

Probably just that he's a dog, and who doesn't love dogs?

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