Dogs lead cops home to marijuana operation, sparking $100K bust


It sounds like something a trained K-9 officer would sniff out, but a wandering pit bull and German shepherd led police back home to a marijuana operation, resulting in a $100,000 bust.

Chief Shawn Padden of the Duluth Townships Police Department told the Star Tribune he found the pups, and when he went to return them to their owner he smelled a strong marijuana odor from the trailer.

A search warrant was issued, and last Thursday police tackled one of the largest busts the department has seen, according to WDIO.

Padden told BringMeTheNews it was an "exciting" case for the three-person police department. The St. Louis Sheriff's Office, Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and the Minnesota State Patrol assisted in the bust.

Police said in a press release the father-son team had 77 marijuana plants, grow equipment and video monitoring devices. Authorities also seized 6 pounds packaged for sale and hundreds of dollars.

The estimated recovery came in at $100,000.

According to WDIO, one suspect told police they recently relocated to the rural area "to get away from drugs."

Charges are expected Wednesday. The two involved, ages 57 and 26, will likely face felony charges.

The Star Tribune reports three others were at the property during the raid, including someone buying the pot.

Charges are expected for the others as well.

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