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Dogs raised to be butchered for meat will be up for adoption in MN


Some puppies raised on a dog meat farm are getting ready to find forever homes in Minnesota.

And yes, a dog meat farm is exactly what it sounds like – a farm that raises dogs for the purpose of killing and eating them.

A total of 300 pooches were rescued from a farm in South Korea. Ten of them have arrived at a Twin Cities area Animal Humane Society.

The Humane Society in Golden Valley says the dogs get medical examinations then undergo spay or neuter surgeries.

And if you're in the market for a new furry friend, the organization says the puppies – which are a Korean-Jindo mix – should be ready for adoption by the weekend, KARE 11 reports.

They'll be posted on the AHS adoption page as soon as they're ready to find homes.

Dog farms in South Korea

The Humane Society says South Korea has about 17,000 dog meat farms. And every year 2.5 million dogs are slaughtered and eaten there.

And the process isn't humane.

The organization says butchers often torture the animals beforehand because Korean folklore claims eating meat of a tortured dog enhances male virility, fights fatigue, and balances the body’s heat during hot days.

However, that myth is becoming less and less popular with younger generations.

The AHS tells FOX 9 it's typically older generations – specifically men over the age of 50 – that still eat dog meat. Younger generations in South Korea typically see dogs as pets and companions.

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