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Dogs rescued from Wisconsin puppy mill are snapped up by new owners


More than 30 dogs nursed back to health by the Animal Humane Society after their rescue from a puppy mill last spring now have new owners.

The Golden Valley-based Humane Society announced that about half of the 69 dogs seized from a Pierce County property in April were healthy enough to be put up for adoption this week. (The total includes 25 puppies that were born at the Humane Society after their parents were removed from the puppy mill.)

All of the dogs taken from Stuart West's land in Elmwood, Wisconsin, were yellow Labradors. West, 68, was charged with 117 misdemeanors related to animal cruelty.

FOX 9 reports eager new owners were lined up outside the Humane Society doors before they opened to be sure of getting their paws on a new best friend.

A Coon Rapids boy, Kevin Hoger, told the station: "I want someone to play with every day ... Dogs are awesome."

All of the available Labs were claimed within hours.

"No way for a dog to live"

The deplorable conditions in which the dogs were discovered three months ago made their adoptions that much more special for the Animal Humane Society staff.

Kathryn Destenza of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said when the dogs were discovered and seized by the Pierce County Sheriff: “The puppies at breeding facilities are sold for profit, but many people don’t realize that their parents are often kept there for years, subjected to incessant breeding and usually lacking basic care and socialization, resulting in a very poor quality of life.”

The Humane Society says the dogs in Elmwood were kept indoors in small, filthy travel crates with no access to food or water and with a number of dead animals among them.

Humane Society spokesman Zach Nugent tells FOX, “Really to see them come full circle from those conditions to today is ... it’s an amazing experience.”

The Animal Humane Society says the rest of the dogs rescued from the Pierce County property will be available for adoption "when their medical and behavioral treatments are complete."

You can keep tabs on the Labs here.

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