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Dogs stolen in Maplewood returned to owners by sister of thief

Koda and Willow have been reunited with their owners.

The owners of two dogs that were stolen along with their car outside a Maplewood gas station have been reunited with their beloved pets.

Hillary Volkman and Joe Nelson appealed for help after their Ford Fusion was stolen while idling on Sunday night, with their dogs Koda and Willow in the back seat.

A picture of the suspect was posted by Maplewood police on social media and shared thousands of times – eventually leading to the owners to be contacted by the sister of the car thief.

Their dogs were returned to them on Monday evening, and they posted to Facebook to let everyone know their pets were safe.

Volkman told WCCO they'd left the car running to keep the dogs warm while they quickly ran into a Holiday gas station, which is when the thief struck.

She described the thief's sister as "very nice, very apologetic," as they arranged to meet her a gas station to return the dogs. She didn't have any information about the location of her brother or their car though.

Police are continuing to search for the thief, so here's another picture of the suspect.

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