Don't cook while drunk (and other ways to avoid a fire this holiday weekend)

This is the most dangerous time for fires in Minnesota.

At this point in 2016, 36 people in Minnesota had been killed by a fire.

In 2017? The number of fire deaths has risen to 48.

That's from the Minnesota State Fire Marshal, which posted the comparison figures to Facebook.

Right now we're reaching the tail end of the most dangerous time for blazes in Minnesota: Thanksgiving through New Year’s. That's because people are in the kitchen cooking so much, the state’s Department of Public Safety said, and cooking is the leading cause of fires.

The fire marshal, in the Facebook post, says they're hoping people be extra careful over the next few days to keep the number of deaths from getting higher as 2017 ends. Among the suggestions:

  • Don't cook while drunk.
  • Always pay attention to what's on the stove and in the oven.
  • Keep decorations (or anything flammable) away from space heaters.
  • And be careful with candles.
  • Find more safety tips here.

Also: Be careful because your dried-up, unwatered Christmas tree you haven't gotten rid of yet could kill you, apparently.

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