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Downtown St. Paul named in Midwest's top 10 'most walkable neigborhoods'

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The various attractions of downtown St. Paul has seen it named as the best neighborhoods to walk around, according to real estate company Redfin.

Minnesota's state capital finished 3rd on the list with a "walk score" of 92.1, finishing behind the Michigan neighborhoods of downtown Ann Arbor and Heartside in Grand Rapids.

Redfin's list isn't definitive, it only looked at cities with a population of under 300,000 but large enough to have neighborhoods with over 1,000 inhabitants.

If it didn't implement those parameters, it says, most of the top 10 would have been in Chicago (Minneapolis is also eliminated from consideration for the same reason).

Walk scores are a ranking given to neighborhoods where you don't need a car to get around, either to work or to local amenities.

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Scores between 90-100 mean that "daily errands do not require a car," while the lowest scores means it's virtually impossible to carry out daily errands without a car.

Redfin praises efforts made in recent years to revitalize St. Paul's downtown, and references the new CHS Field, the farmer's market, the Fitzgerald Theater and famous dining spots like Mickey's, that make the downtown "now far more than just office workers."

"While condos are the only housing type in downtown St. Paul, you have a range of options, as far as size, amenities and style go," Redfin agent Dan Caudill says. "For someone who wants to walk to work and be in the heart of it all, living downtown has never been so appealing."

Downtown Fargo also made it onto the list in 8th place, with a walk score of 85.5.

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