Dozens dead in Afghanistan attack, Islamic State claims responsibility


Dozens of people were killed in Kabul, Afghanistan Saturday. Hundreds have been injured.

CNN says the attack happened as members of a Shiite Muslim minority group peacefully protested, demanding better access to electricity.

Thousands attended the protest and marched near an Afghan government building. The demonstration was interrupted by explosions.

Sources say at least 80 people have been killed, 230 are wounded.

Some gruesome photos and videos have been posted to social media. They show bodies and limbs strewn about bloodied streets.

The Taliban – which claimed responsibility for recent deadly bombings in the area – condemned this attack, the BBC notes.

But Amaq news – which has been linked to the Islamic State terrorist group – announced two fighters wearing explosive belts are responsible.

Since, Afghanistan leaders have released a statement saying that three suicide bombers were involved in the deadly mission – "the first person carried out a blast, the second one failed at his detonation, and the third terrorist was killed in shooting by the security forces,” the New York Times says.

According to USA Today, this would be the first time the Islamic State has gone through with an attack on the country's capital.

Slate says ISIS generally considered the Shiite Muslim group that was attacked – known as the Hazaras – traitors.

The Hazaras are Afghanistan's third largest minority group.

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