Dozens of poorly-treated pets were removed from a Pine County home

Now in need of a home: 79 dogs, eight cats and six guinea pigs.

The Animal Humane Society in Minnesota is looking for new homes for dozens of animals after they were rescued from poor conditions last week.

Members of the organization's humane investigations team removed 79 dogs, eight cats and six guinea pigs from the same home in rural Pine County, it announced on Facebook Tuesday.

They were found to have "varying degrees of health and social issues," with the animals not getting "consistent medical care," suffered from poor socialization, and were breeding uncontrolled.

It released this video showing some of the conditions the animals were being kept in:

The society says some homes have already been found for "a few of these sweet pets" but there are still many more that need adopting.

It is asking for donations to help keep housing, treating and training the pets to prepare for them for adoption, with donations being taken here.

Humane Society takes in 23,000 pets a year

According to its annual report, the Animal Humane Society took more than 23,000 animals into its care in the Upper Midwest, and managed to find a home for 95.2 percent of them.

This is significantly up on the 59 percent placement rate it had back in 2007.

Only a small percentage of the animals it takes in – just 528 cases, or 2.3 percent of the total, in 2015/16 – are the result of owner cruelty or neglect.

Just under half of all the animals that come into its care are surrendered by owners, with around a third transferred from other agencies, and about 15 percent are strays.

Cats and dogs comprise the vast bulk of animals it cares for, with around one in 10 falling into the "domestic critters and birds" category.

Of the animals that are euthanized, 88.4 percent are put to sleep because of ill-health, which is often untreatable.

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