Driver charged in fatal St. Paul 'skitching' accident


A man has been charged two misdemeanors in a skateboarding/car accident in St. Paul in October that left his 19-year-old friend Gunnar Miller dead.

Connor I. Hart, 23, is charged with reckless and careless driving. Hart told police he was driving in the Merriam Park neighborhood when he saw Miller on his skateboard.

Miller apparently told Hart he was going to try "skitching," or hitching a ride by grabbing onto Hart's car, the Star Tribune reports.

According to the Pioneer Press, Miller was holding onto the passenger side mirror when he let go of the car, wiped out and struck his head on the pavement. Miller, who was not wearing a helmet, suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and died that night.

Miller's family did not want to see the charges filed.

"We don't find any fault with Connor or his driving. I talked to several of Gunnar's friends that were there, and nothing that Connor did added to the tragedy," Marc Miller, his father, told the Pioneer Press. "My son was a happy, playful kid, and got caught up in making a bad decision. We did tell (the police) that we hoped no charges would be brought."

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