Driver lucky to escape after ice chunk falls off semi, crashes through windshield


A Twin Cities driver luckily avoided serious injury when a chunk of ice flew off a semi and crashed through his windshield.

The Minnesota State Patrol has released pictures of the damage done to the motorist's car after the incident on Highway 36 and Snelling Avenue in Roseville Tuesday morning.

The driver only suffered minor injuries, but it could have been much worse considering the ice broke through the windshield on the driver's side.

Efforts to find the driver of the semi have so far drawn a blank.

The State Patrol says it is illegal to drive any vehicle with material that could potentially break loose and create a hazard.

It is urging drivers to check and remove any snow or ice from their vehicles before they take to the road. It also suggests drivers stay well back from larger vehicles, particularly in the winter and spring when there is a mixture of freezing and melting temperatures.

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