Woman trapped in submerged SUV for 18 hours returns home


A 67-year-old Centerville woman trapped in her SUV for 18 hours that was overturned in a swamp had less than two hours to live before she was rescued.

It was just by coincidence that 20-year-old Geoffrey Racette was riding his bike on his way home from work to find Nancy Brebers.

KARE 11 reports Brebers was on her way to St. Louis Park from Centerville to meet her husband for dinner in January when she got lost. She ended up in Plymouth, hit a patch of ice and tipped into a swamp.

Brebers stood on the driver side window in a foot of water and yelled for help with no one close enough to hear her. She spent 18 hours wet and cold.

Racette wasn't even supposed to work that day and just happened to leave a few hours earlier than normal, just in time to come to Brebers rescue.

The woman was hospitalized initially in critical condition, but is expected to make a full recovery after completing some rehabilitation.

"It's nothing short of a miracle," Racette said. KARE 11 has the story:

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