Driver who hit skateboarding teen on dark road won't be charged


No charges will be filed against a driver who hit and killed a teenager on a dark Minnesota road last fall.

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Antonio DeMeules, 15 years old at the time, was riding a skateboard on 285th Avenue NE in Isanti, around 8:15 p.m. on Sept. 10.

He was struck by a white pickup that then drove off – but the driver turned himself in shortly after, and was described as fully cooperating with law enforcement.

After going over the case, Isanti County Attorney Jeffrey Edblad said in a letter this week the driver will not face criminal charges for the incident.

"It's just a horrific tragedy all the way around," Edblad told BringMeTheNews.

According to the letter, the investigation found DeMeules was sitting on his skateboard in the middle of the westbound lane of traffic, propelling himself forward. He was also wearing dark clothing at the time, and it was dark out. All of which contributed to the teenager being very hard to see, the letter says.

The driver told authorities while driving, he suddenly saw a black object, less than 3 feet tall, in the middle of the road as he came into contact with it. He said he believed it was a turkey or dog, and when arriving at his home a short distance away, looked at the truck to assess the damage.

The next day, when he saw a news report his vehicle may have been involved, he "immediately" called authorities to turn himself in.

Investigators found the pickup was driving in its own lane of traffic, 28-33 mph (with no evidence he was going over the posted speed limit). There was also no evidence alcohol or a controlled substance played a role, Edblad said.

"The purpose of this letter is not to cast blame on Anthony DeMeules. His death was a tragedy," Edblad wrote. "However, a tragedy does not always mean that someone is criminally culpable for that tragedy, and this is the situation at hand."

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