Drought emergency grips Wis.; SW Minn. crops hurting, too

There was some rain in southwest Minnesota Friday, but not enough to help much in what has become a serious drought in that part of the state. Crops and livestock are hurting. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker toured farms on Friday after declaring a drought emergency statewide.

Crops in the southwest part of the state are desperate for a long gentle Minnesota rain, MPR reports. Some sprinkles Friday weren't enough to put a dent in the drought there, where livestock are also suffering.

Parts of northwest, southwest and southeast Minnesota are experiencing moderate drought, MPR says. Some areas have had only a third of an inch of rain or so over the past month. Still, the state is generally faring better than some others, including Wisconsin.

Gov. Scott Walker is touring farms in southern Wisconsin to assess crop damage from the ongoing drought, the Associated Press reports. Walker's first stop Friday was the Ehrhart farm in Burlington, where Jeff Ehrhart says corn has suffered the most from the hot and dry conditions.

Ehrhart showed Walker yellowed corn that would not recover.

There may be one upside to the drought, the Associated Press reports. The dry, hot weather concentrates flavor in some fruits and vegetables, making peppers spicier, melons sweeter, and radishes more potent.

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Drought killing crops, lowering Mississippi

Minnesota farm fields might appear OK when you are speeding by them on the road, but look closer: the drought is taking its toll. Farmer Jim Willers plucked a soybean plant out of one of his fields south of Jasper and pointed to dried buds where green bean pods should be hanging. “It’s a pretty field, but there are no beans in it," he told the Worthington Daily Globe.

Drought stifles crop expectations

Minnesota’s record dry season has area farmers worried about next year’s crops. MPR says if the drought conditions carry over into the spring, farmers won’t have enough moisture to water a normal amount of crops.

Drought tightens grip on Minnesota

Federal officials say more than 80 percent of Minnesota is abnormally dry. A week ago it was less than two-thirds. The new drought map includes the northern half of the Twin Cities area. But southern Minnesota is the state's most parched region.

Most Minn. farmers dodging worst of drought

In its weekly crop weather report for Minnesota, the U.S. Department of Agriculture notes the condition of the state's corn crop is still rated 77 percent fair to good. Soybeans were rated 81 percent in fair to good condition.