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Drought not gone, but has loosened its grip on Minnesota


While the Red River Valley is bracing for the possibility of record floods, this month's wet weather is helping the bulk of Minnesota pull out of an extreme drought.

A new report from the U.S. Drought Monitor says two-thirds of Minnesota is in a drought. That's down from 98 percent. Also, the proportion of the state where the drought is considered severe has shrunk from two-thirds down to 21 percent.

One of the climatologists with the federal agency says Minnesota has been on a steady but slow recovery path since the drought peaked last fall, adding "This is exactly what we needed."

The stubbornness of the drought has generated problems for a number of industries in Minnesota.

Right now, though, it's the looming floods that have the northwestern part of the state on high alert. Forecasters expect the Red River of the North to begin flooding at Fargo-Moorhead next week and say it may surpass its record high-water mark by the time it crests the following week.

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Drought tightens grip on Minnesota

Federal officials say more than 80 percent of Minnesota is abnormally dry. A week ago it was less than two-thirds. The new drought map includes the northern half of the Twin Cities area. But southern Minnesota is the state's most parched region.

Drought emergency grips Wis.; SW Minn. crops hurting, too

There was some rain in southwest Minnesota Friday, but not enough to help much in what has become a serious drought in that part of the state. Crops and livestock are hurting. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker toured farms on Friday after declaring a drought emergency statewide.