Drunk Vikings tailgater mistakes State Fair police station for home, breaks in

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It was 6 below zero and the Vikings had just suffered last-gasp heartbreak against the Seahawks, so you can imagine fans leaving TCF Bank stadium were a little dazed this past Sunday.

But they weren't as dazed as one fan, who according to the Pioneer Press was arrested after making a drunken error in judgement after tailgating at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

The newspaper notes the 30-year-old broke into the police station at the fairgrounds after jimmying open a door, and was discovered by officers shortly after 4 p.m.

The reason he was in the building? A state fair police spokesman told the Star Tribune that he had mistaken the building for his home.

CityPages reports two officers found him at the station after being told someone was inside the building, and held the perimeter until more officers arrived, surrounding the building at 1528 Cosgrove St. in Falcon Heights.

He was apprehended at gunpoint and was booked into Ramsey County jail, the Star Tribune notes. He has since been released and is facing trespassing charges.

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