Ducks cause 3 car collision, officials advise drivers not to swerve

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An Astro Van that stopped in the middle of traffic to avoid hitting ducks in the road caused a three car collision in Fridley Sunday morning, according to a Minnesota State Patrol report.

The second vehicle – a Ford Edge – hit the van. Then it spun out and was hit by a third vehicle – a Kia Sportage.

The driver and passenger of the Ford Edge were taken to North Memorial Hospital for non-life threatening injuries. The drivers of the other two cars were not hurt, says the report.

Last summer, several drivers swerved on Interstate 35W to avoid hitting ducks in the road, nearly causing collisions. After the incident, officials advised drivers not to stop for the ducks.

“It’s the value of a person versus the value of an animal or wildlife,” State Patrol spokeswoman Lt. Tiffani Nielson told the Star Tribune. “A person getting injured outweighs the value of the ducks.”

Animal-vehicle collisions result in more than 200 human fatalities nationwide annually, Defenders of Wildlife says, and they cause roughly 29,000 human injuries annually. (Note: Animal-vehicle collisions that involve small animals, such as ducks or dogs, are often not noted in these statistics because they typically don’t result in significant damage or injury, reports note.)

AAA has some driving tips for avoiding animal-vehicle collisions, which include staying alert so drivers don’t have to make a last-second decision and swerve out of the way of an animal.

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