'They are out there': 3 suspects in Long Lake home invasion armed and dangerous


A daytime home invasion in Long Lake has authorities searching for three "armed and dangerous" suspects Saturday afternoon and a stolen red Kia Sorenta.

The Star Tribune has a description: The three men were described as black, with two of them believed to be in their 40s. One was 6-foot-4 or 6-foot-5 and muscular, while another was about 6 feet tall. A third suspect’s description was more vague, but he’s believed to be in his 30s.

“They are out there,” says the Wayzata Police Chief, “and they have demonstrated dangerous behavior this afternoon.”

Lake Minnetonka Patch reports the invasion happened about 4 p.m. on Glenmoor Lane in Long Lake, just west of Wayzata. WCCO-TV confirms the address. KSTP-TV says it happened at 2 pm., and the victims in the home are John and Karen Davis.

The three intruders left behind two duct-taped victims, John and Karen Davis, reports the Star Tribune, and a trail of blood. Wayzata police say it's not clear who the blood belongs to.

KSTP-TV reports police say the men bound the husband and wife of the home - they remained bound for 90 minutes - stole cell phones, wallets, and a KIA Sorenta with the license 723-KVL.

The station also reports a gun was fired inside the home. They say the homeowners weren't hit, but one of suspects might have been shot.

John Davis was taken to North Memorial hospital with neck and back injuries, KSTP says; Karen Davis had been punched in the face but refused medical treatment.

The Strib also notes that other law enforcement agencies, including the State Highway Patrol and the Plymouth Crime Lab, are also in on the search and investigation.

WCCO-TV reports police did confirm a local drug task force had gone to the Davis home last fall with a search warrant for narcotics, but they say it’s too early to tell if that had any connection with the invasion.

“It’s very unusual anywhere in the metro," one Wayzata officer tells the Strib, "let alone Long Lake,”

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